Sample Rates

The examples below are just that, examples. This chart does not show all available rates and terms and is just used for example purposes. To get a true understanding, please use our Simple Solutions Process, it is as easy as 1, 2, FUND!


Loan Examples

Loan Amount


FEE Credit Score Payment Amount Interest Repayment Amount
$1500 / 2YR $0


$64.00 4.99% $1,579.00
$1500 / 2YR $0


$67.47 7.45% $1,619.17
$1500 / 2YR $0


$69.21 9.99% $1,661.00
$1500 / 2YR $0


$70.93 12.45% $1,702.22
$1500 / 2YR $0


$74.89 18% $1,797.27

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The loan information shown here is an example and may not reflect the rates available on all loans. Minimum APR is 4.99% and Maximum APR is 35%.


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