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How does Simple Solutions work? A lot of our clients ask, how do you make the process so simple? Our answer is simple, we care. We have worked to design a process which was both easy and effective. That was the basis of the Simple Solutions it as easy as 1, 2, FUND program. We understand that your customers are seeking solutions with no run around. We encourage you to discover our process through the ‘how it works’ page. Using our Free Simple Solutions Partner Registration can increase your business and get your clients funded.

Below you will find the reasons Simple Solutions Free Partner Registration will help you and your clients.. it really is that simpleĀ 

Our Simple No Fee registration process takes the work out of offering your clients options. Offering your clients options helps take the pressure off of them and lets them focus on what’s important, which lets you focus on what you do best.

We handle the financing and its marketing, so you can better assist your clients.

Our current partners have seen a 17% rise in sales just by offering financing. We don’t just offer financing, we offer marketing assistance.

We do this at ZERO cost to you!

Initial Benefits

  • Our Partner Program is free for you
  • You do not have to buy any equipment
  • There is no training for your staff
  • Did we mention that there are no fees? Period.
  • You can begin to offer our products immediately

Additional Benefits

  • We add you to our Partner List and refer your business to clients who find us on the web and are not currently working with an HVAC company
  • We provide you with sales materials / flyers / paper applications
  • We build you a webpage with your logo and contact information
  • We create a video for your web page that you can use to show your clients you offer financing (see our video on the ‘how it works’ page)
  • We assist in marketing SEO, promotions and provide linking banners
  • You are assigned a full time representative which can provideĀ sales pipelines

The Benefits of our Program for Consumers:

  • Instant approval
  • Competitive rates for all types of borrowers
  • Including 0% offers
  • Bad credit / No credit offers
  • And everything In between
  • Loan amounts up to 35K

Contact us today to request more information or simply sign up to begin offering our services.

We care! You can reach out to us at any time. We encourage you to start the Simple Solutions process first, that way we will have the ability to follow along in real time and guide you through in real time. We normally offer opinions through email during the process so you can maximize your potential. If you need us at any time, you can respond to us if you need to add comments or have more information to share.

Are you ready for your Simple Solution?

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We partner with dealers all around the country to help them find the best financing for clients.

Key points include:

It is totally Free

We provide everything

It takes 5 seconds

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